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The characteristics of the valve manufacturing process shaped copper production

Casting and manufacturing technology of valve shaped copper production is mainly divided into 2 types, one is a foundry casting, hot forging forging. Now, it is mainly about the two manufacturing processes!
(1) - casting foundry in chemical bonded sand high speed development today, greensand is still very important materials for manufacturing model, its application range is very wide, use is also very much, all the other manufacturing materials can be compared to the model. Cast steel in the United States, with clay wet sand as modeling materials accounted for more than 79%; in the process of casting steel in Japan, with the greensand material accounted for more than 72%. To adapt to the conditions of the high ability of making the shape, is one of the advantages of green sand. At present, the high pressure air impact molding process, also is to use clay wet sand as the premise. Processing all kinds of new technology, the importance of green sand clay in the manufacturing and processing of more improved, resulting in greensand face many new problems, which we continue to improve, to explore the process of continuous optimization greensand. Today, with the rapid progress of high-tech industry, the demand for the production of special shaped copper products continue to increase, at the same time, the specific material quality requirements are increasingly high. Modern casting processing factory, molding machine productivity has reached a very high level, if the property can not fully adapt to the conditions of sand, or cannot control its balance, it will soon be out of the market. A complete sand processing structure, should be able to process monitoring sand, if not, it should be amended in a timely manner.
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