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Shaped copper products can prevent bacterial infection in it

In our daily life, specific copper products has been widely applied in all aspects, greatly improve the quality of our life. In the prevention of bacteria, there are a lot of people are not very understanding of the advantages of copper products today, and we explore the special-shaped copper products can prevent bacterial infection?
According to our query data show that the use of specific copper product appearance material, can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of bacterial infection in patients with recurrent. It is understood that in Japan shows that the bacterial inhibition on copper clinical follow-up for 5 years, this time proved to us that the specific copper in the inhibition of outstanding bacterial infection.
This clinical follow-up study in Japan, Kitasato University Hospital began, clinical tracking operator has been tracking test room using specific fixed copper products touch material appearance (such as chopsticks, cups, Jiaopen, kettle, bed, handrails) found attached to the contact surface of copper material on the specific products, the number of the golden color Staphylococcus is only 3.33% of the surface of the general material. Hara Takeshi told us, hope the findings to clinical follow-up for our current infection prevention and control measures to bring more long-term deep inspiration, besides the traditional bacterial inhibition and prevention, control of bacterial materials will be widely used in our lives, the future will be largely an important trend in public the health of the project
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