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Watch strap shaped copper oxidized reason

Watch strap shaped copper is oxidized into black is because of the surface reaction of copper and oxygen in the air to form, do not want to be oxidized, the main way is to make the surface of copper is not contacted with the oxygen in the air, such as copper coated on the surface of an insulating material (such as oil) without contact with oxygen to have been on the copper surface oxidation reduction polished by sand paper and coated with insulating material after reduction!
How to deal with being shaped copper watchband after oxidation?
1 rusty copper profiles in the treatment should be the first to use a professional solution to the copper rust cleaning, so that the copper surface is oxidized part of the clean and not the good part of the damage. The length of time in the process of cleaning the main part of the corrosion degree of oxidation, oxidation corrosion more powerful in cleaning solution in a wash for 20 minutes, if not serious corrosion on the wash can be washed clean, about a few minutes!
2 copper corrosion after treatment began chemical polishing with a polishing liquid, mainly to watch strap shaped copper surface rough bumpy place to dissolve, remove corrosion and friction surface. Also can remove the magazine rust, and finally polished finish of the copper surface lasting smooth and bright.
3 by polishing the first time into the copper passivation solution, the main purpose is to prevent discoloration, can be maintained for a long time shaped copper surface shiny, without oxygen in the air to rot.
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