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Heshan Fuyi Copper Co. Ltd. is located between Guangdong Province Nanhai District of Foshan city in the south, north of Jiangmen City, Heshan City, jurisdiction. Chen Shan close to Fokai expressway exit, which is connected with the 325 National Road and highway, highway traffic is very convenient. The factory covers an area of 108 acres, the existing building area of more than ...
  • 23 2016-09
    Watch strap shaped copper is oxidized into black is because of the surface reaction of copper and oxygen in the air to form, do not want to ..
  • 23 2016-09
    In our daily life, specific copper products has been widely applied in all aspects, greatly improve the quality of our life. In the preventi..
  • 23 2016-09
    Casting and manufacturing technology of valve shaped copper production is mainly divided into 2 types, one is a foundry casting, hot forging..
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